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Rok 1998


The Year 1998 Was Not Good for the Czech Republic Reuters 22.12.1998
What to do about the Senate Reuters 21.12.1998
Czech Courts challenge election results Reuters 09.12.1998
Are constitutional amendments in the offing? Reuters 03.12.1998


Senate election sent important signals Reuters 25.11.1998
Czech Republic gets bad marks from EU Reuters 11.11.1998
How important are the Senate and Municipal elections? Reuters 04.11.1998


Is Opposition agreement about to collapse? Reuters 29.10.1998
Social democratic party under strain Reuters 15.10.1998
Debate on electing the next resident Reuters 05.10.1998
Lux leaves high politics Reuters 30.09.1998


Czech budget controversy Reuters 22.09.1998
Will Milos Zeman resign? Reuters 09.09.1998
Senate elections will determine the country´s future Reuters 02.09.1998


Social democratic government´s failures Reuters 27.08.1998
Czech Republic: How many foreign policies? Reuters 19.08.1998
Is Social democratic program catastrofic? Reuters 10.08.1998


Who won the Czech elections? Reuters 28.07.1998
How will fare the new Czech government? Reuters 23.07.1998
President in contemporary Czech politics Reuters 16.07.1998
Will grand coalition bring the Czech Republic stability Reuters 09.07.1998
Is grand coalition possible? Reuters 30.06.1998


Ambivalent results of Czech elections Reuters 23.06.1998
Few clear themes emerge as election campaign starts up New Europe 19.06.1998
Programmatic objectives of two largest parties Reuters 16.06.1998
Whom can Social democrats form a coalition with? Reuters 09.06.1998
Election campaign starts Reuters 04.06.1998


The Rise of the Civic Democratic Party Reuters 27.05.1998
Possible Coalitions After Elections Reuters, Prague Business Journal 20.05.1998
Positive effects of political crisis Reuters 12.05.1998
Scandals and conspiracy theories in Czech politics Reuters, Prague Business Journal 06.05.1998
The Disappointments of Democracy Transition 30.04.1998


Opinion polls show that people want consensus Reuters 28.04.1998
The rise of the pensioners´ party Reuters 21.04.1998
Scenarios of post-election cooperation Reuters 11.04.1998
Can electoral system be changed Reuters 01.04.1998


Political future of Milos Zeman is uncertain Reuters 26.03.1998
The Czech Republic seems headed for another political deadlock Reuters 19.03.1998
Czech Social democrats in trouble Reuters 11.03.1998
What are the changes of a stable government after elections? Reuters 03.03.1998


Is union of freedom a viable political subject? Reuters 16.02.1998
Czech Social Democrats´ political mistakes Reuters 11.02.1998
What can be expected of Social democratic government? Reuters 03.02.1998


What is next in the Czech Republic Reuters 29.01.1998
Czech political leaders agree on early elections Reuters 13.01.1998
The new Czech government Reuters 07.01.1998