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Rok 2006


The Virtual Frontiers of Europe The New Presence 04.12.2006


Is Central Europe a Basket Case? Transitions on Line 05.10.2006


Agreeing on a majority system no easy task Czech Business Weekly 23.07.2006
The Pluses of a Non-partisan President Czech Business Weekly 02.07.2006
Czech Elections End in a Deadlock Analyst 02.07.2006
Czech Communists: A Toothless Dog The New Presence, summer 2006 01.07.2006


New Energy in Politics versus the Politics of Energy Czech Business Weekly 06.03.2006


Regional Cooperation from the Czech Perspective One Year after Joining the EU Medzinarodne otazky (Slovakia) 26.01.2006
Ultra-right National Party seeks attention Czech Radio 7 20.01.2006
The Decline of Political Responsibility The New Presence (Winter 2006) 18.01.2006
Corruption in the Czech Republic Czech Radio 7 11.01.2006