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Evropa bez hranic, zkušenosti se Schengenem KKongres Evropské asociace novinářů, Praha Nov 02, 2019
Třicet let česko-amerických vztahů Konference FSV U a NYU, Parha Nov 01, 2019
30 Years after University of Fribourg, Switzerland Oct 22, 2019
Neverending History: 1989-2019 NYU Berlin, symposium Oct 22, 2019
Freedom Days Gdansk, Poland Jun 22, 2019
Brexit, Euroscepticism, and the Future of Europe: A Symposium NYU Florence, Villa la Pietra Mar 22, 2019


Czech-German Discussion Forum Panel on Populism Nov 10, 2017
Immigration, Inequality, and Politics of Populism New York review of Books conference Oct 28, 2017
Is the Liberal World Order Threatened? Conference on the Future of the World Liberal Order, ECFR, Warsaw Mar 13, 2017


What is the fate of Liberal Democracy in Central Europe Schemmel Forum, University of Scranton Sep 26, 2016
Literature and Politics in Central Europe Czech Center, New York Sep 19, 2016


The State of Liberal Democracy in Central Europe University College London Dec 04, 2015


The rise of Illiberal Politics in East Central Europe Schemmel Forum, University of Scranton, Penn. Mar 10, 2014


České prezidentské tradice Bílá Lilie, 11.10.2012, Praha Nov 26, 2012
Dvacet tezí k budoucnosti levice Konference think-tanku CESTA Nov 26, 2012
Evropský federalismus Konference sdružení Bílá lilie May 26, 2012


Financování politických stran CESTA Oct 06, 2011
Prespectives for Coopreartion in Central Europe Grodzisk Mazowiecki Jun 05, 2011
The Export of Democracy: Successes and Failures of EU Enlargement Czech Center, Amsterdam Feb 15, 2011


Budoucnost demokracie Rada Evropy, Jerevan, Arménie Oct 21, 2010
Meeting Crisis with Wisdom UNYP, Praha Oct 08, 2010
Solidarity and RFE/RL Association for Freedom of Expression, Warsaw Oct 01, 2010
Economic Crisis from a Governance Perspective UNDP, Chisinau, Moldova Jul 06, 2010
Right-wing Populism in Eastern Europe Populism in Central Europe organized by Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Brandenburg May 04, 2010
Democratic Governance (UNDP Conference) Dakar, Senegal Feb 15, 2010
Political Extremism in Eastern Europe Globális Tudás Alapítvány, Budapest Feb 12, 2010
Spisovatel ve sjednocující se Evropě Senát ČR Feb 09, 2010


The European Elections 2009: Is European Democracy Possible? Panel Discussion, Economic Forum, Krynica, Poland Sep 09, 2009
Liberal Democracy 20 Years after the Fall of the Berlin wall conference “World Apart-Worlds Together", Bratislava Sep 08, 2009
The Reunification of Europe--An Anti-totalitarian Courage and Political Renewal Pro Patria, Tallinn, Estonia May 21, 2009


Post-Communist Refections of the Prague Spring Promises of the New Left, Wilson Center for International Scholars and the Romanian Cultural Institute, Washington Nov 07, 2008
Populism in Central Europe Demos, Budapest Oct 15, 2008
Opposition Movements in Central Europe Patria, Tallin, Estonia Sep 04, 2008
Culture anbd Immigration in the New Member Countries of the EU Culture and Difference in Europe, Europeum, University of Madrid May 13, 2008
Prague Spring in Modern Czech History Rudnyckyj Annual Lecture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Feb 29, 2008


Populism in the Age of Mediocracy and Mediacracy Populism in Central Europe, AMO, Praha Nov 22, 2007
18 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall Middlebury College, USA Nov 09, 2007
The Rule of Law in the Transformation in Process in Eastern Europe Summer School, European Pubic Law, Menagio, Italy Aug 30, 2007
The Rise of Populism in Central Europe Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria Jun 10, 2007
Czech Republic: An Overview of its Democratic Past, Present and Future Schemel Forum, University of Scranton, USA Apr 28, 2007


Václav Havel: From a political dissident to a dissident politician Symposium on Vaclav Havel, Columbia University, New York Nov 11, 2006
Globální řízení a správa Seminář CEFRES, Praha May 15, 2006
Budoucnost Evropy Ano Pro Evropu May 07, 2006
Válka v Iráku: Ideologie versus realita Válka v Iráku a Evropská unie, Vysoká škola Veřejné správy a mezinárodních vztahů Apr 07, 2006
Immigration, Citizenship, and MUlticulturalism in a Changing World NYU, Praha Mar 17, 2006


Club of Madrid Praha Nov 11, 2005
The Limits of Enlargement EU-Institute for Security Studies, Paris Nov 04, 2005
Václav Havel: Homo Politicus Poétique et politique dans l'ouvre de Vaclav Havel,University of Bordeaux Jun 10, 2005
EAPC Security Forum 2005 EAPC/NATO, Are, Sweden May 23, 2005
The Balkans/Central Europe Leaders The Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the U.S. State Department and the CIA, Washington. D.C. Apr 12, 2005
Nationalists in the Balkans and Central Europe: Ideologues or populists? The Balkans/Central Europe Leaders: Exploring Patterns of Leadership and Prospects for Democratic Development, The Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the U.S. State Department and the CIA, Washington. D.C. Apr 12, 2005
New Europe-Old Europe: A False Ditochomy? Institute for Transitional Democracy and International Security, Budapest, Hungary Mar 11, 2005
Whither the EU: A View From the New Europe"? Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden Jan 10, 2005


Budoucnost médií v evropském kontextu Evropská integrace, média a národní identita, Divadlo Archa, Praha Nov 29, 2004
Má se Turecko stát členem EU? Turecko v EU?, Asociace pro mezinárodní otázky, Praha Nov 25, 2004
Možnosti a limity křesťansko-demokratické politiky v Čechách Josef Lux a česká politika 90. let, FF UK v Praze Nov 18, 2004
Atlantic Conference 2004 Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and SA Institute for International Affairs, Cape Town, South Africa Nov 12, 2004
The Split of Czechoslovakia: A Defeat or a Victory? Czech and Slovak Roads to Europe, 1989-2004, CERI, Paris, France Nov 08, 2004
Views of EU Defense And Foreign Policy By Central European Countries "Europe’s New Frontiers: Enlargement, its Implications and Consequences”, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal Oct 25, 2004
The Future of Euro-American Relations The Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia Oct 07, 2004
Transatlantic Trends Survey Center for International Relations, Warsaw, Poland Sep 22, 2004
The European Economic Forum in Alpbach Alpbach, Austria Sep 01, 2004
The International Geopolitical Colloquium The Council of Geopolitics and the French Institute, Budapest May 25, 2004
OSCE Human Dimension Seminar: Democratic Institutions and Democratic Governance OSCE, Warsaw May 11, 2004
Europa Festival Instituut voor Verborgen Kennis, Hague May 08, 2004
The Intellectual Debate Europe-America: One Year Later La Republique Des Idees, Paris Apr 30, 2004
Governance in Europe in 2020 Global Trends 2020 Workshop, NIC, Bard College and CEU, Budapest Apr 29, 2004
Global Trends 2020 Workshop National Intelligence Council, Bard College, CEU, Budapest Apr 26, 2004
Visegrad countries: Movers and Shakers in an Enlarged Transatlantic Community? Institute for Public Affairs, Bratislava Apr 19, 2004
Toward a Wider Europe: A New Agenda German Marshall Fund and the Slovak Government, Bratislava Mar 18, 2004
Stav demokracie v zemích Visegradu a budoucnost Visegraduu Mosty a Mezinarodni visegradsky fond, Luhacovice Feb 06, 2004


Czech Political Culture and Civil Society Cultural Differences in Europe, Europeum and NYU, Prague Nov 15, 2003
"Unknown Neighbors?": Dialogue of the Media in Central Europe Austrian Press Agency, Vienna Oct 19, 2003
NATO and the Greater Middle East Program of Atlantic Security Studies, Prague Oct 16, 2003
Central and Eastern Europe in the Transatlantic Community The German Marshall Fund, Bratislava Jul 17, 2003
Authoritarian tendencies in emerging democracies Pluralism and Authoritarianism in the Transition Period—Social Representations and Political Attitudes, Goethe Institute Inter Nationes Bucharest and the Black Sea University Foundation, Bucharest, Romania Jun 18, 2003
Demokracie v Evropské unii Semináře: ANO pro Evropu, Praha Mladí Evropané, Jihlava Jun 02, 2003
Teze ke konferenci Konference US-DEU "Krok za krokem k federativní Evropě, Praha May 29, 2003
What the Czech Media Report on NATO, the EU, and IRAQ NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Praha May 25, 2003
Veřejnost jako forma občanské společnosti Česká občanská společnost a modely demokracie v 21. století, Krnov May 15, 2003
Václav Havel-Evropan Polský institur, Lipsko May 07, 2003
Tamkang University hosts Civil Society Talks Conference Civil Society in Developing Democracies, Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan Jan 12, 2003
Conference on The Future of European Union Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan Jan 10, 2003


The Visegrad and Other Candidate Countries on the Eve of the Accession to the European Union: Risks of Divergence, means of Convergence Panel on Public Opinion in Candidate Countries, Prague Nov 09, 2002
Central European Identity in Politics Conference on Central European Identity, Central European Foundation, Bratislava Nov 06, 2002
The Role of Eastern Europe in an Enlarged EU Europe in the Making, Copenhagen, Denmark Nov 01, 2002
Panels on Restitution and Life under Communism World Presidents Organization, Prague Oct 29, 2002
Forum 2000: Bridging Global Gaps Prague Oct 17, 2002
Attitudes of the Czech Public and Politicians to the EU Reclaiming the Future: Central European Quest, Dublin European Institute, Dublin Oct 04, 2002
Czech Election and its Aftermath Chatham House, London, Great Britain Jul 10, 2002
Attitudes of NATO's new Central European Members toward Russia's Role in the Euro-atlantic Structures Euro-Atlantic Integration and Russia after September 11, Moscow May 20, 2002
Euro-Atlantic Integration and Russia after September 11 Notre Europe, Moscow Apr 30, 2002
What may new members bring to the European Union Toward a Large Area of Solidarity and Cooperation, Warsaw Feb 22, 2002
EU Enlargement: Toward a Greater Area of Solidarity and Cooperation Notre Europe, Warsaw Feb 01, 2002


NATO Enlargement to the Baltics LATO, Riga, Latvia Nov 01, 2001
Forum 2000 Prague Sep 30, 2001
Bilderberg Meetings Stenungsund, Sweden Apr 30, 2001
Česká identita ve světle vztahů k Německu Česko-německé setkání, Jihlava Apr 11, 2001
Czech-German Conference B. Bolzano Foundation, Jihlava Mar 31, 2001
Transatlantic Security Council on Foreign Relations, Bratislava Mar 31, 2001
Seminar on European Governance European Commission, Brussel Mar 01, 2001
The Creation of History in Art NYU in Prague and the Theresianstadt Initiative, Prague Mar 01, 2001
International Debate Association seminar New York Jan 01, 2001


Political cultures in the process of globalization Globalization and Culture conference, Buenos Aires Dec 09, 2000
Odpovědnost státu, politických stran a občanské společnosti Institucionalizace (ne)odpovědnosti: globální svět, evropská integrace a české zájmy, konference pořádaná FSV UK Dec 02, 2000
Globalization and Culture NYU in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Dec 01, 2000
World Movement for Democracy Sao Paulo, Brazil Nov 01, 2000
Middle Class, Democracy, and Prosperity Institute for European Policy, Prague Nov 01, 2000
Forum 2000 Prague Sep 30, 2000
Central and Eastern Europe: Democracy and Its Alternatives US Department of State Aug 31, 2000
Political Culture in Central Europe European Association of Journalists, San Sebastian, Spain Jun 30, 2000
Postavení prezidenta, jeho kompetence Konference čtyřkoalice: Prezident republiky, jeho postavení v ústavním systému České republiky a způsob jeho volby Jun 02, 2000
In the Middle of EU Negotiations: From Association to Full Membership Bohemia Foundation and the Czech Foreign Ministry May 31, 2000
International Influence on Democratization in Central and Eastern Europe Centre on European Security Studies, Prague Mar 01, 2000
Transatlantic Security Council on Foreign Relations, Paris Mar 01, 2000
Political Culture and Civil Society Institute for International Relations, Prague Mar 01, 2000
Transition Strategies for Central Europe The Wharton International Forum, Brugges, Belgium Jan 01, 2000


The Future World Leaders Forum Council on Foreign Relations, Washington Nov 01, 1999
Ten Years After East-West Institute, Prague Nov 01, 1999
NATO Enlargement Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius Nov 01, 1999
Debata o české politice Konference Centra pro ekonomiku a politiku Oct 17, 1999


Souvislosti domácí a zahraniční politiky ve světle našeho členství v EU a NATO Symposium, pořádané Ústavem pro mezinárodní vztahy, Praha May 10, 1998
Milý pane prezidente: Strachujeme se o Vaše zdraví Představení knihy Václav Havel 97, Paseka, Praha Apr 22, 1998


Projev Kongres Sdružení podnikatelů, Slušovice Nov 12, 1997
Právní stát: Teorie praxe Sdružení Lípa Sep 12, 1997


Demokratický proces v České republice Sdružení Lípa Nov 29, 1996